Vaccine FAQ's

Vaccine FAQ's

Why do we vaccinate?

When a disease is wide spread or dangerous we vaccinate against it.

Does every pet get the same vaccine?

Vaccinations are based on individual pets lifestyle and risk factor.

Why do puppies and kittens get several vaccines?

While puppies and kittens receive some immune protection from their mother we vaccinate that puppy or kitten to try to catch when the maternal antibody level has dropped low enough that their immune ststem will be able to respond to the vaccine minimizing the amount of time they are unprotected against disease. We vaccinate every 3-4 weeks to catch when the maternal antibody level has dropped.

Can cats get cancer from vaccines?

There have been cases of cats developing cancer in a spot where they were vaccinated. Because of this we use vaccines specific for cats only that have no adjuvants. (substance added to strengthen immune response)

Are vaccines safe?

Vaccines have saved innumerable pets lives. There  are isolated cases of allergic reactions, but they are rarely life threatening.

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